What's CPK?

Who da hell
is Cruel Pancake?

Cruel Pancake is above all a state of mind, a mood, a vibe!

Through this project which took 3 years to build, Hugo Philip is not just deciding to create a unisex clothing brand for Adults & Kids, but is mainly aspiring to bring together a community of “Pancakers” who shares the same values and whom he wishes to take along with him on his entrepreneurial adventure.


Motivated by his travels and encounters in Los Angeles, Hugo immerses himself into the Californian lifestyle, drawing inspiration from it to create a brand true to his personality and optimistic perception of life.

Breaking the codes, not caring about other people’s opinion, convey your positive energy and good mood through your style, this is Cruel Pancake’s spirit!

Take a fashion addict / second-hand hunter, smile, palm trees and sun, blend it all together, then add an inspiring entourage and a motivated and dynamic team…


Express its uniqueness and style

A unisex vision, oversize cuts, and an energy inspired from the urban culture, Cruel Pancake allows everyone to express their uniqueness and own style through a shared wardrobe.

In short, the desire to create some impactful pieces of clothing with modern designs, finely worked lines and fair prices.

Made with responsible and environmentally-sound productions, the brand is committed to following an ethical conduct and to offering quality pieces of clothing made in workshops with undeniable know-how.